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Can hormonal birth control cause infertility

Hormonal birth control is meant to prevent pregnancy so by design it will induce a state of infertility – otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Hormonal Birth Control aka HBC = the pill, patch, rod, shot, hormonal IUD.

Now if we’re talking about infertility after one has stopped taking HBC then that’s another story.

The research shows that they do not cause infertility long term.

However many struggle to conceive after quitting HBC and that can be attributed to many factors :

3 ways hormonal birth control could affect your future fertility  

1. your cycle was irregular when you got on. If you got on HBC to regulate your hormones and had a regular bleed and no symptoms whilst on that might lead you to you assume the HBC worked. But it didn’t. It was simply disguising what’s going on in your body. So that once you quit your hormones are still whack and your cycle is still all over the place. And that’s why you may struggle to conceive.
2. HBC depletes vital nutrients for egg health like magnesium, selenium, b vitamins, vitC & zinc. When it comes to vibrant fertility egg health matters!
3. HBC messes with your gut health. All disease begins in the gut. If your gut health is compromised this can lead to food intolerances and chronic inflammation. Not an ideal state or environment in which another human should grow. Your body’s priority will be survival not reproduction.

So there you have it! A short list of some of the ways that HBC directly and indirectly causes infertility.

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