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How do I know if I’m not ovulating

FAQ : How do I know if I’m not ovulating?

Ovulation is a creator and indicator of good health 🏆

So whether you’re trying to conceive or not it’s important to know if you’re ovulating and when🙌🏾

How do I know if I'm not ovulating

What happens during ovulation?

Ovulation is how women make ovulatory hormones, in particular progesterone which is essential for regulating your immune system, supporting your thyroid, bones and breasts as well as supporting a pregnancy.

Not to mention that progesterone is like your keep calm and carry on hormone so without it guess what happens?! PMS unleashed!

Ovulation is THE MAIN event of the menstrual cycle NOT your period😱

So if you’re not ovulating you have a major health problem on your hands‼️

Here are some signs that you may not be ovulating:

  1. irregular cycles – cycles outside of the 24 to 32 day healthy range
  2. your period is MIA and you’re not on hormonal contraception
  3. you’re struggling to conceive – no ovulation = no egg to fertilize
  4. really light ‘periods’ – a true period follows ovulation so technically this would be a withdrawal bleed

So as you can see whether you’re trying to conceive or not it’s important to know if you’re ovulating and when🙌🏾

Charting your cycle with the Fertility Awareness Method will let you know with certainty if you’re ovulating or not. No guesswork.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

And if you’re not ovulating you’ll want to work on restoring ovulation naturally first❗️

Yes there are meds to force ovulation but do you want to be on those unnecessarily and indefinitely? No because they come with risks and side effects never mind they don’t treat the root cause of your problem.

So tell me have you wondered about ovulation?

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