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Periods Follow Ovulation

There are many different types of bleeds but there’s only one real period. And that’s the bleed that follows ovulation.

Bleeding while on the pill or hormonal IUD
~ that’s a withdrawal bleed

Bleeding in the middle of your cycle around the time of ovulation?
~ that’s ovulation spotting

Got PCOS and you’re bleeding non-stop?
~ that’s likely a breakthrough bleed

If you took my on demand workshop Know Your Cycle you would’ve heard me say that Ovulation NOT Menstruation is the main event of the cycle. (I also explain all the whys and what’s so if you’re digging this knowledge and wanna learn #allthethings check it out)

Without ovulation the whole cycle falls apart.

And that’s why women who chart always know what’s up! Because we always know if we’re ovulating or not, along with a million other things about our body 😊

If you believe that every woman on earth deserves this knowledge about their cycle then please share this post. It’s free !

I appreciate you.

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