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When is the best time to learn Fertility Awareness?

FAQ : When is the best time to learn Fertility Awareness?

To answer this question I’m going to share my personal experience …

Your FAQ Answered : When is the best time to learn the Fertility Awareness Method?

I remember going into my doctor for the first postpartum visit at six week after giving birth and asking about contraception options. He presented me with various forms of hormonal birth control and when I asked if there wasn’t a more ‘natural’ way to prevent pregnancy he told me about the rhythm / calendar method but warned that it wasn’t effective at all!

Since none of the options presented sat well with me I went home and started researching natural contraception which is when I came across the book – Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Long story short I tried to use the Fertility Awareness Method as outlined in the book but it proved impossible because my hormones were just as unpredictable as my newborn but nowhere as cute :)! So it wasn’t until I stopped breastfeeding a year later when my hormones mellowed out that I could REALLY learn the method.

And that’s when I hired a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator because reading a book was all well and good to dip my toes in the water but since I wanted to use this method as my primary form of birth control I really needed to know my shit 😛

You see a lotta women (myself included) wait to learn FAM after giving birth when they need a natural way to avoid pregnancy but that is actually one of the worst / hardest times to learn because your hormones & biomarkers tend to be all over the place.

(Ask any mama who has just given birth if you don’t believe me 😛)  

Your FAQ Answered : When is the best time to learn the Fertility Awareness Method?

So here’s my advice … Don’t be like a me!

Be smart!
Be proactive!
Learn FAM before conceiving because otherwise once you’ve given birth and you’re breastfeeding it’s going to be quite a struggle to figure out if / when you’re ovulating and if you’re once again fertile without proper training.

Had I learned the method prior to conceiving I would have been able to chart my cycle properly and prevent pregnancy confidently post partum. Instead of having to rely on condoms and being worried / nervous every time I had sex.

If you know that you’re ready to dive in and learn then I encourage you to apply for my Fertility Awareness Group Charting Program.

For more details on duration, pricing, client reviews, FAQ etc please visit my website here
>> Fertility Awareness Group Charting Program <<

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